There is everything in Japan

Japan surprises, fascinates and dazes at every step. When the newcomers from Europe come to the land of the Blossom Cherry they open their eyes wide. Tourists are intrigued by the habits of everyday life – greeting by bowing, washing before bathing, taking off shoes before entering the restaurant, loud slurping while eating, as well as pushing crowded people in the subway.

The Japanese are very proud of their country. Omnipresent English does not enter their language. News on the most important websites often start with news concerning cherry blossom dates. Materials from the world are presented at the very end. The Japanese influence Europeans. Our children are crazy about the iconic Pokemon and Japanese technology has become a symbol of the highest quality. No wonder, since the work is the most important for the county of samurais inhabitants. This is a place where modernity mixes with tradition. Huge glass skyscrapers are next to the temples and castles. In Japan, there is everything we can dream about … or even more.

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