Bali – Island of a Thousand Temples

Bali is described as a paradise on earth, a place of the utmost beauty and happiness. Exceptionally beautiful landscapes, an amazing culture, a stable and warm climate, an unimaginable number of different types of animals, white sandy beaches, exotic temples – all these things attracted us and brought us here, to the Balinese seaside and mountains.

In spring 2015 we organised a trip for our client from the automotive industry and brought them to this magical corner of the world. Our guests had a chance to see all these amazing temples, to relax on paradise beaches and to enjoy excursions to picturesque rice terraces. One of the most extreme adventures we experienced in Bali was rafting, and a helicopter flight over the island. Dinner served in the royal palace, along with meeting the royal family, was inevitably the most unforgettable moment of the trip. We also had an incredible catamaran cruise to Lembongang island, which was filmed in the blockbuster movie starring Julia Roberts “Eat, pray and love”. At the end of our trip, each participant had a relaxing time while enjoying a traditional, Balinese massage.

The nature you can observe in Bali is exceptional and can’t be found anywhere else in the developed world.

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