Not only Paris

In March 2017, we took to France a group of our client’s, from the automotive industry, key distributors. The group have had the opportunity not only to visit two beautiful cities – Lille and Paris, but also to travel by the fastest European train TGV and take part in interesting attractions. The first of them was an aerodynamic tunnel – a free fall simulator, a place where gravity does not exist and everyone can feel like a parachutist. Another attraction waiting for the group was a velodrome – a cycling track shaped similar to an athletics track, with a strongly inclined surface on the curves, so a constant speed can be maintained.

Because it was not only about the sport, during the trip there was also time for sightseeing and relaxation. In addition to a traditional walk with a guide in the historic center of Paris, the group have admired the charm of the city and have tasted delicious French dishes at the restaurant on the Montparnasse Tower and during the Bateaux Parisiens cruise in the evenings.

Please feel invited to France, which still has many beautiful places to discover …

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